Always Login incorrect: Could not extract EAP-Message from RADIUS message

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Dec 17 20:29:48 CET 2011

Sergio Belkin wrote:
> I have a really weird problem. We have a lot of NAS'es and no one of
> them had this problem, except only one! It gets always login
> incorrect. 

  Throw the NAS in the garbage.

> If I run
> eapol_test it complains saying. I've tried replacing the nas a few
> times 

  What does that mean?

> and makes no difference. And it doesnt' matter what user tries
> to connect.
> Please take a look to user "interup" with outer  identity "SOYKADORNA"
> Am I doing something wrong?

  No.  The problems are *not* RADIUS problems.  The NAS is broken, or
there's something else wrong in the network.

  Alan DeKok.

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