freeradius first hour free ???

backghost mikoletic at
Mon Dec 26 09:53:20 CET 2011

i have installed this configuration:
CentOS 5.1; freeradius 1.1.3;
i have installed VMware on Centos, and pfsense (freeBSD) on it;
i also have my php aplication on Centos and i use it for add new user to
mysql and for generate report about used trafic;
when user try to browse some page (;; e.t.c) pfsense
popup its captive portal, and if user have username and pass he can pass
throught, but if havent it cant, so everything works perfect.
what i need?
i just wana to make all my new users, to have first hour free to use
internet, and when the hour exceed then the pfsense captive portal popup. 

sory for my english, i google about this thing all 4 days, and i belive i
dont answer right question, so i think somebody can help me about this

tthank you again

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