ppp and eap-tls

Frank frank at debian-nas.org
Thu Dec 29 15:47:17 CET 2011


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> Frank wrote:
> > This statement is confusing! I'm using freeradius for EAP-TLS auth
> and set up the client for WPA2 enterprise with EAP-TLS. If this is not
> using certificates for authentication, then what is it using?
>   <sigh>  WPA != "WPA2 enterprise"
>   You're confused because you're confusing two different things.

Ah, I'm awfully sorry for not correctly using the relevant terminology. I suppose most people could guess I was talking about WPA2 enterprise when I mentioned EAP-TLS for wireless authentication.

> > MS Windows Vista, build-in L2TP/IPSEC client, ppp authentication set
> to EAP-TLS.
> >>   Alan DeKok.
>   Well, that should work.
>   And no, it's not a FreeRADIUS issue.

Ok the problem here is that it is not working (hence my post to this mailing-list). For it not being a Freeradius issue: I didn't expect it to be. In fact, my suspicion was openssl or the connecting Windows Vista client.

I'm posting to this list because I hope that other users of FreeRADIUS have experienced the same issue and might know of a way to solve it. Maybe there's others who use FreeRADIUS in the same scenario (EAP-TLS auth for ppp in a L2TP/IPSEC VPN).


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