How to configure redundant radius?

Christ Schlacta lists at
Sat Dec 31 00:11:00 CET 2011

I have about 8 users, with on average 2.2 systems per, for a total of 
about 20 clients, but I'm setting up redundency because I've got 
basically two systems, both of which have fairly low uptime by 
enterprise standards, and downtime is met with much headache and 
griping.  Is there no other way to coerce these single-ip devices to 
work with a pair or more of radius servers, or no other way to configure 
reliable failover ?

On 12/30/2011 11:37, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Christ Schlacta wrote:
>> I've got a number of devices all of which only have the option for one
>> radius IP address (not hostname!) to be configured.  How can I configure
>> this type of device for failover (and optionally balance)?  is there
>> some PROPER way to do this? or am I limited to only being able to have
>> one fr server configured for these particular devices?
>    If the devices only allow one IP for the RADIUS server, you can only
> have one RADIUS server.
>    You need to make sure the server is running.  See various HA systems
> for redundancy.  But if you have less than 10K users, it's probably not
> worth it.  Just monitor the system to be sure it doesn't go down.
>    Alan DeKok.
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