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Angus JIANG Jian ajiang at
Mon Jul 25 10:53:12 CEST 2011

Dear all,

Can you give me an example of how to set the cache-size ?
This is my config for the counter.

counter daily {
                filename = ${raddbdir}/db.daily
                key = User-Name
                count-attribute = Acct-Session-Time
                reset = daily
                counter-name = Daily-Session-Time
                check-name = Max-Daily-Session
                allowed-servicetype = Framed-User
                cache-size = 5000

#  The RADIUS request is normally cached internally for a short period
#  of time, after the reply is sent to the NAS.  The reply packet may be
#  lost in the network, and the NAS will not see it.  The NAS will then
#  re-send the request, and the server will respond quickly with the
#  cached reply.
#  If this value is set too low, then duplicate requests from the NAS
#  MAY NOT be detected, and will instead be handled as seperate requests.
#  If this value is set too high, then the server will cache too many
#  requests, and some new requests may get blocked.  (See 'max_requests'.)
#  Useful range of values: 2 to 10
cleanup_delay = 5


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