Caching techniques with ntlm_auth usage? (EAP-PEAP-MSchapV2)

Gary Gatten Ggatten at
Sat Mar 5 01:21:58 CET 2011

I kinda like your caching idea, but not sure of any security implications.

I have (2) FR servers (each pointing to different DC) and my NAS's are configured to use both.  But, iirc if AD is down on the backend FR still replies (with something) so the NAS never rolls over to the other FR server.

So, I thought about some script that would use ntlm_auth every...n seconds, if it fails kill FR process (or use FR policy to act dead). When it starts working again, restart FR.  This should make the NAS roll to the next FR server.

What about OpenLDAP on the FR server that's "refreshed" / sync'd to the winblows/AD?  I've never tried this but assume it's doable.

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Recently, my AD servers were patched by another support group and this 
caused a (small but noticeable) service outage for our WPA radius 
services (Radius 2.1.9)

I am curious how others who are using AD as their backends have either 
configured smb.conf/winbind/radius in order to do high availability for 

I do have configured:


     password server =

But that didn't seem to help with failures. What I am seeing in the logs 
(during outages such as these are)

     Mar  3 06:47:55 dvlanb radiusd[17093]: Discarding duplicate request 
from client My-WiSM port 32770 - ID: 95 due to unfinished request 466
     Mar  3 06:47:55 dvlanb radiusd[17093]: Child PID 17274 is taking 
too much time: forcing failure and killing child.

I am pretty certain this is from a non-responsive "ntlm_auth" call.

I have searched for options to winbind and ntlm_auth that might assist 
in caching authentication requests so that slight hiccups like these do 
not disturb our users.

I thought of possibly writing a custom "ntlm_auth" script that performs 
a cache lookup and responds correctly as ntlm_auth regularly would and 
if not valid cache entry, then try the real ntlm_auth command and then 
add a cache entry.

Does someone have any suggestions on configuration changes on radius or 
samba that might help?

from my sites-available/wpa-services file:

authorize {
     #  The preprocess module takes care of sanitizing some bizarre 
attributes in
     #  the request, and turning them into attributes which are more 

     #  This module takes care of EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS, and EAP-LEAP
     #  authentication.
     eap {
         ok = return

     #  Look in an SQL database.  The schema of the database is meant to 
mirror the "users" file.

#  Authentication.
authenticate {
     #  MSCHAP authentication.
     Auth-Type MS-CHAP {

     #  Allow EAP authentication.

Thanks in advance,
- John Douglass, Senior Systems Architect
Georgia Institute of Technology
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