FreeRadius between VPN Users and Safeword/RSA Servers

Hemachandran Nair nair at
Wed Mar 16 06:59:19 CET 2011

I need to configure the Free Radius (as proxy) to forward the authentication request to safeword and RSA Servers from AT & T VPN Users based on user at norealm and user at realm condition.
Users - VPN - Free Radius - Safeword & RSA

User - VPN - Free Radius (no realm, so nostrip) and pass the authentication to safeword servers.
User at - VPN - Free Radius (strip realm name) and pass the authentication to RSA servers.
How do I configure the Free Radius as a proxy to achieve this.
Also I need to configure 2 FreeRadius (as proxy) Server to achive High Availability, can I configure the same on both the servers.
If the above is not possible can I use an NPS Radius Proxy to achive this, but in this case where should I place the FreeRadius, between VPN and NPS or between NPS and safeword. My Safeword does not support EAP, so I cannot achieve this by NPS Radius proxy directly forwarding request to safeword.

Thank you in advance.
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