authenticate via etc/shadow intead of users

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Authentication requests currently come from cisco routers and switches mostly, probably would have to add servers as well in future. 
So....does it mean that freeradius server will respond by default to the requests from cisco routers and switches whose users I have added in etc/shadow? 

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Yup – I *think* the “unix” module (*nix) is enabled by default, so it should just work.  Perhaps check your radiusd.conf and $radius/sites-enabled/default to ensure it’s enabled.  But, I guess it may depend on what type of authentication requests you are speaking of.

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Thanks Alan, what I am actually trying to achieve is to authenticate users against our Linux /etc/shadow or /etc/password/ files. I don't want to use the USERS file as it stores passwords in clear text which is what we're trying to avoid.

> Hi,
> > I am a newbie to free radius, I need to know what changes are required in
> > radiusd.conf or any other file in order to authenticate clients requests
> > through local machine users(etc/passwd or etc/shadow) instead of making
> > users in the raddb/users file.
> add users to the system passwd/shadow file, ensure that the 'unix' module
> is enabled. 
> answer based on the scarce info provided
> alan
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