FreeRadius with Eduroam - Accounting

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Wed Oct 5 10:40:18 CEST 2011

On 10/05/2011 09:26 AM, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Phil Mayers wrote:
>> I guess that's ok, in that it stops an unresponsive realm blocking other
>> realms, but wouldn't another solution be to add a config item to the
>> detail reader to drop packets which are>X seconds old?
>    if (Acct-Delay-Time>  3600) {
> 	ok
>    } else {
> 	... do proxy ....
>    }

Ah ha! Clever. I had forgotten the detail reader created/updated that 
attribute. Yay FreeRADIUS!

>> Or, modify the detail reader to write a "done" marker byte into records
>> which it has processed.
>    That's a bit harder.

Tell me about it... we've got a home-grown system for logging DHCP 
requests via pcap (because ISC dhcpd can't do decent logging) and, along 
with a whole bunch of other crap, the process has to write to a logfile 
in chunks, with the ability to do this (mark one "row" as written)

It was amazingly unreliable... I eventually resorted to writing them to 
an sqlite database as a "spool", on the grounds that "marking" them 
done/ignored was easier that way.

One of these days I'll get the time to investigate FR DHCP...

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