MySQL and FreeRADIUS environment

tonimanel antoniofernandez at
Wed Oct 5 13:49:19 CEST 2011

I have readed the example file. I have some doubts. 

Do I get with this example file? I don't have a radrelay.conf example (or is
this?) ... I have readed in Internet that in radiusd.conf I should to define
a detail block information like detail detail-name {some information} to get
two binary files with my main server data (then the other server should to
use to replicate data), it is true? And then I should create radrelay.conf
file (because not exists in /etc/freeradius) with what information? I think
that with listen block of copy-acct-to-home-server file, it is true?

Then, when I have got radrelay.conf file with listen block information from
"copy-acct-to-home-server" file, where I should to define the second server?
I think that in some place I should to define the second server for make the

Can you help me? Can you tell me about that?

Thank you.

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