Mac access mixed ldap access same NAS

Alexander Clouter alex at
Thu Oct 6 10:47:54 CEST 2011

Alejandro Gandara <agandara at> wrote:
> does someone know if Its possible mix MAC auth with ldap AUTH in the 
> same NAS.
Depends on the NAS:

Cisco support MAC-auth and *fallback* to 802.1X; for this to work 
reliably you must attempt MAC-auth first, and if that fails force the 
client to do 802.1X...otherwise you run into a nightmare of race 

For us, we do both our MAC-auth and 802.1X authentications and 
authorizations with LDAP so does work, rather well too.

If people keep poking me, I'll put up more documentation...


Alexander Clouter
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