FreeRadius with Eduroam - Accounting

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Oct 16 03:44:16 CEST 2011

Mike Diggins wrote:
> Does FreeRadius work synchronously only, so a slow response from one
> remote server stops any other pending authentications from completing
> until that first one is finished?


  You're probably seeing other authentications fail because they share
the same home server... which is down.  Since it's down, it can't be
used to authenticte *anyone*.

> The only suggestion I can think of right now is to send the
> server-status message to the next hop first before marking it dead. I
> think that would be a safer assumption when proxying anyway.

  FreeRADIUS does that.  Read raddb/proxy.conf.  It marks the home
server "zombie", and starts sending it Status-Server messages.

  If the home server doesn't support Status-Server, then it ignores
them.  This makes it look (even more) like it's down.

  Alan DeKok.

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