Problems with my radrelay configuration?

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Mon Oct 17 13:42:21 CEST 2011

Thank you for your answer. I am going to follow this guide. I think that
there are some points that maybe it isn't necessary for the objective.

I can tell you that: 
1.- I thought that the achieve of this configuration was to have two
services with authentication and accounting data synchronized. First service
writes in database and in detail file and second service would make the same
and both would read from detail file and then write to database.
2.- Yes, I think the same. Great phrase. ;)
2.1- I have configured a simple freeradius, logging with database, with nas
and writting account data in database too. I don't know if getting this,
data would write in detail file or not.
2.2- I don't know how to get that service writes records into detail file.
2.3- I have used "Radius test client" to test the authentication and
accounting processes. Not more.
2.4- I don't know how to read accounting records (because I don't know how
to write it) and I don't know how to forward it to a remote radius server (I
think that this is my objective. Do you agree?) I have read
copy-acct-to-home-server and robust-proxy-accounting files. 

Now, I think that I'm at a point wich I don't know what I should to do. I
have modified the configuration files, maybe I should to restore original
files and start again, but I will spend time doing this. I would like know
if with these modifications, I have got a more or less good configuration or
not. For this reason, I think that is necessary for me your help.

Thanks. I hope your answers.

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