PEAP with Machine auth

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Wed Oct 26 15:58:38 CEST 2011

On 26/10/11 14:47, Sergio NNX wrote:
> This kind of Q&A thing helps no one here! Many people are reporting the
> same issue on different platforms! I don't think the problem is either
> with the client or the certificates since I conducted some testing using
> the same client and the same certificates but an old FR version (1.1.7)
> and the tests pass. It's easier to blame something else but we could
> spend that time contributing to the solution and so helping others!

In earnest: What exactly would you like us to do? Be specific. Bear in 
mind that no-one is paid to offer help here.

If you can reproduce the problem reliably, then do so. Carefully 
document the configs that work under 1.1.7, and fail under 2.1.12, 
including the client configuration. Give that information to the list, 
and I'm sure if people are interested, they will take a look.

If no-one is interested, you should start investigating the problem 
yourself - FreeRADIUS is open source. If you lack the skills locally, 
hire a contractor.

I will try to find some time today to test machine auth.

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