FreeRadius + MySQL | radacct: Errors and Warnings

Fajar A. Nugraha list at
Thu Oct 27 16:56:34 CEST 2011

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 8:19 PM, Daniel Menezes <listas at> wrote:
> Fajar,
> I had radutmp and SQL commented out in account {}.
> I don't know why, a possible mistake.
> After mark radutmp and restart freeradius I don't see new errors in log.

So you mean radutmp was the root cause of your problem?

That's good, in a way. It means you've got more room to breathe (and
possibly do more improvements) before your db's high load really slows
down your system :)

> In the NAS (MikroTik) statistics sometimes have a few resends and timeouts,
> it's normal?

What does FR log says? Does it say it recives duplicate or conflicting packets?
If yes, then the db is still slow. You still need to fix it. If not,
then the problem might be somewhere else (e.g. congested network
causing dropped packets)


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