MSCHAPv2 followed by a smsotp authentication

Thomas Glanzmann thomas at
Sun Apr 1 11:07:51 CEST 2012

Hello Alan,

> > Authenticator must be wrong

> You're wasting your time.

You're right. I found the problem. The proprietary radius client chokes
on the "\" in the username, I can't believe it. However it is working
for me now. Who do I need to approach in order to submit the 'smsotpd'
perl implementation to the freeradius distribution once I cleaned it up
so that I can release it to the general public?

I would also write documentation to smsotpd in the wiki, I already
checked out the wiki using, git, who do I submit my changes to or is it
possible to get write access for the one page using a git commit


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