Nomadix VSA

Andrew Long fursink at
Thu Apr 5 04:59:41 CEST 2012

So, to try and re-phrase my question at this point: Why would
freeradius stop processing after radusergroup and radgroupcheck,
without ever doing the query on radgroupreply to see if there are
items there?

The user is a member of only one group, and this is the only
user/group relationship I see the failure on.

SELECT * FROM radusergroup;
1046	memwg140412	wolfchase-guest-group	1	HI Wolfchase guest-account

SELECT * FROM radgroupreply;
84	wolfchase-guest-group	Nomadix-Bw-Down	:=	768	HI Wolfchase guest-group
85	wolfchase-guest-group	Nomadix-Bw-Up	:=	256	HI Wolfchase guest-group

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