Proxy radius

cktan cktan at
Thu Apr 5 08:36:25 CEST 2012


Can the proxy radius return an additional attribute to NAS apart from 
the attribute return by the actual radius server? I've an situation 
where the actual radius server only return the frame-IP-address and 
netmask in Access-Accept, and we need the frame-Pools (mikrotik 
library)  as well in order to have IP pools selection base on user 
profile i.e. Public user will get the public IP where else private user 
will secure the private IP pool. Problem is the administrator of the 
actual radius server may not want to add in new attribute for all the 
users in their DB for whatever reason and we are still finding way to 
see how to inject the Frame-Pool attribute based on the realm of the 
login id. Looking for your kind assistance in this matter.


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