Failure to Process radgroupreply

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Apr 5 17:17:31 CEST 2012

Andrew Long wrote:
> It was commented out! Given the comments, though, do you have any idea
> why it would still have failed when I tested with Fall-Through
> enabled? I  did it like this:
> # radreply
> account-to-test   Fall-Through   =   yes

  It should work.

> So, I removed the comment and restarted radiusd, but I get the same
> results. Here is the radgroupreply:
> 4	xxx-guest-group	 Nomadix-Bw-Down	:=	768
> 85	xxx-guest-group	 Nomadix-Bw-Up	:=	256


> My packet capture shows none of the group items being returned.

  And debug mode will tell you what's going on.

> This
> test was done sending the request from RadTest; I'm going to check
> again in a moment with an actual Win7 client behind the Nomadix and
> will let you know...

  Why?  Use radtest or radclient.  RADIUS isn't magic.  It doesn't
require the "right" magic client software.  Everything is in the packet.

  So... if you reproduce the packet, you reproduce the tests.

> There is also the oddity that even though the line was commented
> previously, groups were being processed as I would see in the reply
> packets pairs that existed only in radgroupreply.

  No idea.  It works for me when I test it.

  Alan DeKok.

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