atributing VLANs to roaming users

Rui Ribeiro ruyrybeyro at
Thu Apr 5 18:09:18 CEST 2012


I am having some problems with freeradius 2.1.12 and eduroam; whilst the local users are authenticated properly and given a specific VLAN, I haven´t been able to do the same to roaming (proxied) users.

I have tried to place the following unlang code at the end of post-proxy, and in another separate test, at the end of post-auth, without much success.

Any hints of fellow eduroamers?

Best regards,

if ( Realm != "myreal" ) {
        update reply {
          Service-Type := "Framed-User"
          Reply-Message := "Eduroam Roaming"
          Tunnel-Type := VLAN
          Tunnel-Medium-Type := IEEE-802
          Tunnel-Private-Group-Id := "216"

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