How to configure COA in freeRadius

ulislam.raihan raihan1780 at
Fri Apr 6 11:05:02 CEST 2012

Hi Alan ,

Just want to add Current configuration in originate-coa  file is below . It
is the default configuration i did not change it.

home_server localhost-coa {
	type = coa

	#  Note that a home server of type "coa" MUST be a real NAS,
	#  with an ipaddr or ipv6addr.  It CANNOT point to a virtual
	#  server.
	ipaddr =
	port = 3799

	#  This secret SHOULD NOT be the same as the shared
	#  secret in a "client" section.
	secret = testing1234

	#  CoA specific parameters.  See raddb/proxy.conf for details.
	coa {
		irt = 2
		mrt = 16
		mrc = 5
		mrd = 30

And in the clients.conf i did not enable the "#	coa_server = coa". Because i
did not want the freeradius server recieve the COA Request. I hope my
understanding is right.

Thanks for your patience
Best Reagards

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