pam_radius not using /etc/raddb/server

g17jimmy g17jimmy at
Mon Apr 9 17:46:54 CEST 2012

I have a client system that seems to be ignoring changes in the pam_radius
config file, /etc/raddb/server. I initially configured the system with a
simple shared secret and had it pointed to a test server and now when I
change the file /etc/raddb/server the client still talks to the test server
instead of the new freeradius server. I even added the test server IP
address to the new freeradius server and verified that the client is even
still using the old simple shared secret. I've gone as far as completely
removing the /etc/raddb/server file and the client continues to use the
previous config. What am I missing? The system has been rebooted numerous

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