Some question about Athorization of FreeRadius.

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Fri Apr 13 18:43:36 CEST 2012

Hi Joey,

On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 12:06:06AM +0800, ZhenJoey wrote:
> The first one, Athoriztion! FreeRadius is AAA server, I know
> what the Authentication does,I know what the Accounting does,
> but I dont know what the Athorization does.

Try reading doc/aaa.rst in the source, which gives a good

Also, the PDFs on are good
- see
for example - all of it is good, but p23 onwards might help you
the most. It shows how packets make their way through the server.

> Second question, the Attribute belong to a NAS or Belong to a
> user or some is NAS's attribute ,some is user;s attribute?

Attributes/values are passed between the NAS (which is the RADIUS
'client') and the RADIUS server. They have nothing (directly) to
do with the end user. Of course, user login information is placed
into the attributes by the NAS.

> a enviroment variable named "WISPR_BANDWIDTH_DOWN_MAX"of the NAS
> OS,does any one knows,how the NAS control the bandwidth after
> set this enviroment varibale???

I suggest you read the documentation on your NAS. The RADIUS
server just sends attributes back, and it's up to the NAS to
implement what it's told.

> and one more question,does anyone have experience of set the
> Attribute  "BANDWIDTH_DOWN_MAX"(of course different name in
> different NAS) for radreply?, the MAX BANDWIDTH means  the NAS
> have this MAX bandwidth, all user will share these bandwidth? or
> the specific user whose reply from Radius Server contain this
> attribute has this limit, there is no affect on other users who
> do not have this attribute?

It's up to the NAS - read the documentation for that.

In terms of coovachilli, setting

                WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up = 1000000,
                WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down = 2000000

in your users file (there are plenty of other ways to do this -
unlang, sql, etc) will mean that all users get 1Mbit up and 2Mbit
down. You can send these with different values per user if you



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