Building with 32-bit Module on 64-bit Machine

Eric Geier me at
Mon Apr 16 21:08:55 CEST 2012

No I didn't do that, but I just tried and no success so far in getting the
rlm_raw module to install.

I've tried many things at configure: --with-experimental-modules
--with-rlm_raw --enable-rlm_raw --with-additional-modules=rlm_raw

I checked output after configure, make, and make install. The only mention
of rlm_raw is in configure output. It shows: "configuring in

No mention at all about rlm_raw after make or make install.
I find no errors or warnings about rlm_raw after configure, make, or make

I'm using FR 1.1.7 (not production, just testing something) on Debian
Squeeze 64-bit.

Any other tricks to get modules working? Haven't found any documentation yet
about this and what attributes work with configure.

Thanks, Eric

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On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 1:31 AM, Eric Geier <me at> wrote:
> Im trying to use rlm_raw and I tried to include it when manually 
> building on 64-bit Debian but it wasnt in the lib folder after make 
> install. I had put the module folder in src/modules and did include 
> and enable for it and put with experimental too when I did the 
> compile. this worked in the past on a 32-bit Debian...but not sure why its
not now.

Did you edit src/modules/stable to include rlm_raw? That would be the
easiest way to make sure the module is built. Also, look at configure logs.

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