Duplicate Radius Packets to another server

Ben Brown bbrown at plus.net
Thu Apr 19 10:04:20 CEST 2012

On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 08:54:51AM +0100, Nasser Heidari wrote:
> Dear Folks,
> I've did some changes in my radius configuration (adding some scripts
> and modules) and now I'm going to test it.  I've checked in my test
> env with several packets and it looks working, but I'm afraid of It's
> functioning in Real world. Is there any possibility for me to Install
> another Radius server next to my Production Radius server with new
> Configuration and duplicate packets traveling to real server to my
> test server?  I Know that I can do this with port mirroring on my
> Network Switch , but I'm thinking about the reverse packets
> (Acknowledge) that radius should return to NAS.  what is the best way
> to do this ? Could you please kindly help me?
> Regards,
> Nasser

<shameless plug>

Not exactly what you're asking for, but I wrote a small C program a
while ago that takes in a pcap file (generated for example on your live
server) and sends the requests from there to another server (e.g. your
test server). It then compares the response you got from the test server
with the original response from the capture.

You can get it from: https://gitorious.org/radreplay


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