[Proxy accounting based on SQL]

Thomas Fagart tfagart at brozs.net
Fri Apr 20 12:39:20 CEST 2012


We currently authenticate FTTH Subscribers with FreeRadius.

It works like that :

Subscriber --> DHCP Request --> NAS that does DHCP to Radius --> Access 
Request --> Proxy Freeradius --> ISP Home server

In the Authentication/Autorization phases, The Freeradius Proxy gets 
the ADSL-Agent-Circuit-Id Attribute from the Request and ask a SQL 
database to provide the information to who it should proxy 
(Proxy-To-Realm), then in Preproxy phase, it does some Attribute change 
and send the request to the correct home server.

This has been working very well since many years now. (eg 
Authentication Proxification based on SQL)

Recently, We've been ask by ISP to do the same for accounting. So we 
manage to tell our NAS to speak Accounting (based on DHCP), and the 
Proxy Freeradius does receive Accounting.

But for now I've not been able to proxy this accounting using the same 
way We do it for Authentication requets.

When we use SQL module, in accounting part, it does insert accounting 
information into the SQL, but does not request information from the 
database. I know that I could change this SQL request in sql.conf (eg 
SELECT instead of INSERT), but will it work ?



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