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Hi Alan,    thanks for the mail. This is what we read about request authenticationAccess-Request arrives  When the packet arrives at the FreeRADIUS server it is indicated by the following part:rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host port 48698, 
id=73, length=57
     User-Name = "alice"
     User-Password = "passme"
     NAS-IP-Address =
     NAS-Port = 100We see that the incoming request contains four AVPs.Although the AVP User-Password is shown here in clear text, it was not transmitted to the server in clear text. FreeRADIUS uses the shared secret to encrypt and decrypt the value of the User-Password AVP.   This is what I am looking for. What is the place where RADIUS does decrypt operation.
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>        I tried changing few things in lib/radius.c to SHA1 but with no

>    success.

please post full putput form radiusd -X

regarding using SHA1 - easy, just ensure that your passwords are stored as SHA1

objects - the docs say how to do this


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