Fwd: FreeRadius Dictionary Attributes

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Wed Apr 25 18:03:06 CEST 2012

Corey Jones wrote:
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------

  That's not nice.  Is it really that difficult to post the *original*
message?  Why forward a bounce?

> I'm trying to get a freeradius server up and running but I'm having
> trouble with the attributes I've included in the master dictionary file
> showing up in the detail file:
> ATTRIBUTE       client-mac-address       9001    string

  This is wrong.

  Read share/dictionary.  Use the numbers *it* recommends, rather than
inventing your own.

> The output of the detail-<date> file of the non-functioning server:

  Which is... which version?  How did you configure it?

> The output of the detail-<date> file for the functioning server:

  Which is... which version?  How did you configure it?

> If you compare the non-functioning server output file to the functioning
> server output file, there are two fields that are missing that are
> defined in the master dictionary file.
> disc-cause-ext = "PPP Receive Term"               <---------------HERE
> client-mac-address = "0002.xxxx.xxxx"             <---------------HERE

  If the two servers are identical, they will behave the same.

  If they're different, find out what the differences are, and fix them.

> I am having trouble with a different part of the server setup where that
> file is pulled and those fields are read and needed by another application.

  What does that mean?

> Does anyone know why those two fields are not pulled or processed on the
> non-functioning server's output file?

  The fields are "pulled" from... where?

> freeradius -X dump of non-functioning server:

  In which it doesn't receive any packets.  So it's useless.

  Good questions get good answers.

  These questions are bad.  As a result, the only possible answer is
unhelpful.  Along with the advice "ask good questions."

  Alan DeKok.

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