Using rlm_caching: rejects on cached requests

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Apr 26 11:06:49 CEST 2012

Jeroen Scheerder wrote:
> On 26 Apr 2012(Q2, W17), at 10:01, Alan DeKok wrote:
> That's a valid question.  I've followed the way it was done in rlm_caching.c.

  That should be fixed, then.

> Actually, that's found in src/main/auth.c as well:
>                         auth_type = pairfind(request->config_items,
>                                              PW_AUTH_TYPE);
>                         if (auth_type && (auth_type->vp_strvalue[0] != '\0')) {

  I can't find that code in the current source.  Which version are you

>>  i.e. *What* is the integer value when the string is empty?
> I'm printing auth_type->vp_integer as well.  The result:
> 	rlm_caching: Found Auth-Type, int value: 1024, string value: ''


> Added it.  Interestingly, rejected requests then enter rlm_caching as follows:

  Probably because it's not intended to cache rejects.

> I agree.  Yet I always seem to get a vp_integer of 1024 and a vp_str of '', regardless of accepted or rejected auths.

  Well, current versions of the server don't add that value or string.
So if it's there, it's because of something in your local configuration.

  Alan DeKok.

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