Incoming Packet information do not modify the Accounting Table

yagizozen yagizozen at
Thu Apr 26 11:11:20 CEST 2012

Hello guys,

I recently installed freeradius server. I am only using the accounting
mechanism of the system for keeping logs. I am monitoring the server for a
week now and today I face with a problem that couldnt solve. 

The problem is that, in the "detail" log of the client, I can see the
incoming STOP packets of a specific session_id and the cause of termination
is stated as "Idle-timeout". In general when these packets arrive to the
server, it goes and closes the active session of a user in the accounting
table stating that the connection of a user disconnected at a given time.
But sometimes, some STOP packets with Idle-Timeout cause, do not run the
necessary query in the radius for updating the accounting table for that
session. This do not happens always. But I need to find the solution for
that. I want to see that every LOG inside the "detail" log of a NAS client,
should be proceed by the radius for the necessary changes. Like I said, some
times, some packets inside the detail log is like ignored by the radius for
updating the accounting table. 

What can be the reason of this situation? I can only think may be it is
because of the heavy loads of traffic at that time in terms of packets
arriving to the radius from NAS. I only have 1 client and the radiusd.conf
is set to default values. 

What is the solution Guys?

Thank you in advance.

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