computer authentication

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Sun Dec 9 23:28:45 CET 2012

>    SOLVED.  Modified my proxy.conf file as per another list post.  You cannot
>    just add the 'nostrip' option to the realm.  You must remove the
>    home_server  and home_server_pool, but keep the options from the
>    home_server and put them under the realm.

or do as I said in my post tonight. you can keep the default home_server values etc
then...and your realm staements stay tidy.  if you define auth_pools etc for your homesever
then things get loopy  (I'd have replied earlier but you pasted your test onto google
docs and my phone didnt have decent enough connectivity at the time to go web fetching)


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