Next release of the server?

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Add to this, IIRC there are some differences (regressions?) in regexp support in some ancillary files (e.g. users) and a minor dictionary entry glitch that need to be worked around to use 3.0 in a 2.x config tree.  I managed to "future proof" most of my configs already by installing 3.0 in a separate directory and running/debugging with "-d /etc/raddb -n confname.conf -fxx -l stdout" and fixing anything that broke.  It wasn't too hard in my case. YMMV.

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> Will 3.0 be configuration compatible with 2.0?

no - it is currently not - mainly because of the new methods used int he SQL/LDAP etc servers. the current config is now different to the old config...and the old config will cause the new server to fail at startup.  as the new features are fundamental to its operation, having some '-compat' flag to stop new features working would be pointless - as the new code is designed around the new features.

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