freradius Segmentation fault

Ski Mountain ski_the_mountain at
Thu Jan 26 18:49:56 CET 2012

It was simply installed from the ubuntu repository with aptitiude.

Does this mean that I should just try compiling a new version of freeradius from source, and if the source version does not work, compile it to enable core dumps.  


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Ski Mountain wrote:
> I am testing out authentication with radtest.  If I send the wrong group password I get "invalid Message-Authenticator" which is what I expect, the second I put in the correct password I get the "Segmentation fault"  
> Is this a knows issue, or am I screwing something up?

  Well, it's 2.1.8, which is old.

  See doc/bugs for instructions on helping us understand SEGVs.

  This kind of error is usually caused by using the wrong version of
shared libraries.

  Alan DeKok.

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