Cannot control attribute ordering via "rlm_perl"

Claude Brown Claude.Brown at
Mon Jan 30 04:00:35 CET 2012

> > - each user performing 7 authentications during EAP negotiation
> ummm, why? with correctly configured server and 'protection' of the
> authentication
> type, you should only hit your authentication server just once inside the
> EAP tunnel when the identity is set/known.

I'm not across the details - it was another person working on this who couldn't get the result we needed.

We also tried moving rlm_sql from "authorize" to "postauth", but that didn't work because (as far as we could see) rlm_sql didn't have an option for setting reply attributes during "postauth".

We have now worked around our 7x EAP problem by using a module configuration that allows us to place all our processing into "postauth".

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