PAP and A-C

Thomas Glanzmann thomas at
Tue Sep 4 06:52:54 CEST 2012


> can you not configure RADIUS server to do PAP + Challenge so that it
> asks for username/password followed by one or more Access-Challenge?
> If yes, how would you configure freeradius server to throw
> Access-Challenge to radius client?

yes, you can. The easiest way is to grab:

and follow the README in rlm_perl. Please also note that the test client
that comes with radius does not support access challenges, maybe I'll
write a patch for it but not right now. That is why I wrote my own test
client in perl which is also included. Tell me if you need help, maybe
I'll update the video on my website to include the rlm_perl
implementation which is my favourite because it doesn't require a
seperate daemon and works with most distros out of the box.


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