Authentication with Juniper SA

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> On Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 3:09 PM, Mik J <mikydevel at> wrote:
>>  So here's what the documentation says:
>>   ==   "Attribute == Value": As a check item, it matches if the 
> named attribute is present in the request, AND has the given value.
>>  =>>> In my case, I wanted to compare the password sent by the 
> Juniper device to the entry in the radcheck table. If the login and password 
> matches then the check is positive. So the documentation seems to say that it 
> should work with "==" or I don't understand.
> No, that's not how it works.
> If you want to check for other attributes (e.g. bind a user to a
> particular Calling-Station-Id), you can use "==". But not for
> password. More details below.
>>  :=     "Attribute := Value": Always matches as a check item, and 
> replaces in the configuration items any attribute of the same name.  If no      
>    attribute of that name appears in the request, then this attribute is added.
> If you've read doc/rlm_sql, like I suggested, you would've seen
> examples of what entry goes where. This is a start. Once that works,
> you can read other docs to find out what they mean.
> Regarding user-password, it's somewhat special. Old version of FR
> manpage (e.g. actually suggest
> using "==". Don't use those, as they're outdated. A good 
> explanation
> on how it should be is included in the current version of FR. For
> example, if you run "man 5 users" on up-to-date installation, 
> you'd
> see this snippet:
> "
> bob     Cleartext-Password := "hello"
> Requests containing the User-Name attribute, with value "bob", will be
> authenticated using the "known good" password "hello".  
> There are no
> reply items, so the reply will be empty.
> "
> "known good password' is a configuration item ("control item" 
> is
> probably a better term). It tells the server "this is what the correct
> password for the user is".  You need to use ":=", because 
> you're NOT
> directly comparing it to User-Password in incoming request.
> The password that user sends might be in the form of User-Password
> attribute (in which case the content will be the same as
> cleartext-password that you store in the db), or they might come in
> different form (e.g. Chap-Password). Since it might be different, you
> can't compare it directly (thus, you can't use "=="). Instead, 
> you
> need to tell the server what the correct password is (with ":=" and
> the attribute Cleartext-Password), and the server will then perform
> the necessary processing, and then compare it to whatever attribute
> the client sends.
> Does that (simplified) explanation make sense?

Hello Fajar,
This is very clear now. My freeradius version is not so new (2.1.12)
Thank you very much for this explanation.
Have a nice week end

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