dhcp and rlm_python am i missing something?

Serge Krawczenko skrawczenko at gmail.com
Wed May 7 23:26:50 CEST 2014

all i need is just to invoke my python script from dhcp section to perform
my actions and return some values.

if i got it right, there are handlers in python module, for corresponding
sections in radiusd.conf

for example, i have instantiate section in radiusd.conf and def
instantiate(_params) function in my script and it is being invoked

there's python module config as well, where we define module and
appropriate function for each event, such as

    mod_instantiate = "test_freeradius"
    func_instantiate = "instantiate"

next, i've not found any mention of 'dhcp' section in rlm_python sources
and even added it.

and added module and func_dhcp='dhcp' in the module config
nothing happened indeed

now, the question.

how do i call my python function from dhcp {whatever} section?

python script is being called but there's no entry point,
like 'python returns noop'
therefore i can't return any values into radius instance.

weird feeling i'm doing it first in the universe, please any help
appreciated, spent over a week on this issue.

ps i dont need any auth, acct, detail, post-auth logic. all i need is to
call my python scipt from dhcp section and return values.
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