Freeradius 3.0.7 and multiple buffered-sql servers - detail file issues

Rygl AleŇ° ales at
Fri Apr 17 21:37:59 CEST 2015

Hello Arran.

Thanks for your explanation concerning filedescriptors.

> Compiled in limits are usually to stop people doing stupid things. Stop
> doing stupid things and the server will work.

I try to.

> The detail file reader is considerably faster in v3.0.7 than 2.2.5, you
> probably don't need 128 detail queues. One would likely be enough, 10 at
> most.

I can confim it. I have tried 12 and it is really fast an uses the DB 
connections more efficiently.

> Also is there a reason why you're not doing direct inserts into the
> database? buffered sql was intended primarily for buffering SQL data when
> the database went offline, not for insertion into the normal request flow.
> It'll always be slower than blocking inserts.

The idea behind was that writing to a file is cheeper than perform a DB 
transactions and a delayed (asynchronous) write to DB is not an issue for me.  
My average row lock time is about 40ms in bussy hour. IMHO writing to a file 
must be faster or am I wrong?

> You can set the MySQL client library timeout sufficiently low that the
> module will will trash all its connections, and failover to the detail
> writer before the server starts dropping packets.

What config parameter is it? I am affraid that if I lock the raddact table for 
3-5 sec or so because of another transaction the server will start to drop 
requests before it will have a chance to failover to a file...

> Set retry_delay in the sql module pool to something like 60 to stop the
> server continuously trying to open new connections when a MySQL server
> does down.


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