802.1x with Cisco wireless controller

Mohammad H. Al Shami mshami at tagorg.com
Tue Apr 21 15:53:04 CEST 2015

Hi Arran,

Sorry for the previous question, but your reply said the problem was with my access controller and you recommended I replace it. I assumed you meant there is something wrong with it.

The NPS and FreeRadius are on the same network.

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> On 21 Apr 2015, at 14:15, Mohammad H. Al Shami <mshami at tagorg.com> wrote:
> Thanks a million for your reply.
> But I can't help but be surprised that the access controller is working well with the MS radius server. Since it doesn't, shouldn't it also work with FreeRadius?

I find those sorts of statements/questions particularly irritating.

FreeRADIUS is running on a different machine to NPS, maybe a different network? There are many other variables that change, not just the RADIUS server.

Investigate the issue yourself. If you find something that points to the issue being with FreeRADIUS, post it to the list, we'll tell you if your suspicions were correct or not.


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