Access Challenge (11) reply

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Wed Apr 22 09:39:27 CEST 2015


My FreeRadius 2.2 is trying to proxy authentication to another radius
server, but the reply I get is Access Challenge (11).

I tried to google for that error but really get nothing.

Here a tcpdump of the dialogue:

14:16:13.266719 00:0c:29:34:75:1c (oui Unknown) > f0:4d:a2:0c:0f:a3
(oui Unknown), ethertype IPv4 (0x0800), length 198: > RADIUS, Access
Request (1), id: 0x3b length: 156
        0x0000:  4500 00b8 65a8 0000 4011 703a c029 aa06  E...e... at .p:.)..
        0x0010:  ca1c 7006 066f 0714 00a4 a508 013b 009c  ..p..o.......;..
        0x0020:  346b 4b04 1c8b 6239 fe62 aecb faf8 f099  4kK...b9.b......
        0x0030:  0116 6775 6573 742d 6169 7440 756e 692e  ..guest-ait at uni.
        0x0040:  6e65 742e 7468 etc. hidden forsecurity etc.
14:16:13.271033 f0:4d:a2:0c:0f:a3 (oui Unknown) > 00:0c:29:34:75:1c
(oui Unknown), ethertype IPv4 (0x0800), length 109: > RADIUS, Access
Challenge (11), id: 0x3b length: 67
        0x0000:  4500 005f 1f3c 0000 3b11 bbff ca1c 7006  E.._.<..;.....p.
        0x0010:  c029 aa06 0714 066f 004b 7aea 0b3b 0043  .).....o.Kz..;.C
        0x0020:  a618 0ac0 99f6 2162 8997 7996 d6bc b5b7  ......!b..y.....
        0x0030:  4f08 0102 0006 1920 5012 e641 225b 62b6  O.......P..A"[b.
        0x0040:  9910 a5ed e9e7 6a4a fbad 1812 3dfc 0c96  ......jJ....=...
        0x0050:  3dfe 1591 41d5 e623 3bab acf5 2103 30

The other party seems even more cluless than I am so I really don't know
where to seek for enlightment.

Thanks in advance,



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