Semantics of !~ operator

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Apr 29 15:59:20 CEST 2015

On Apr 29, 2015, at 2:01 AM, Gerald Vogt <vogt at> wrote:
>>   This configuration is the same as:
>> 	update request {
>> 		Called-Station-SSID := "outer.request:Called-Station-SSID"
>> 	}
> No. It's not. It definitively not the same. The former does basically nothing. Called-Station-SSID gets no value assigned. The latter assigns the string contained in quotes.

  OK... I've spent a fair bit of time looking into this.  I am interested in making FreeRADIUS better, after all.

> + 	update request {
> + 		Called-Station-SSID !* ANY
> + 		Called-Station-SSID := outer.Called-Station-SSID

  That's wrong.  It's not a valid attribute reference.

  Most of the rest of the changes are needlessly complicated.  You don't need to delete the Called-Station-SSID and then re-add it.  You can just use ":=", as that's it's documented behaviour.

  You don't need to check for the existence of the Called-Station-Id, you can just use it in the Reply-Message

  And it works in my tests, with the exception of the wrong attribute reference above.

  You're using 3.0.4.  It works in 3.0.8.  Upgrade.

  Alan DeKok.

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