Unable to use regexp in virtual server

"RESTOUX, Loïc" loic.restoux at capgemini.com
Thu Mar 5 13:52:40 CET 2015

Hi everyone,

I checked out the 3.0.x branch this morning, and I can't get it working.

Part of the configuration is:

     authorize {
         foreach Cisco-AVPair {
             if ("%{Foreach-Variable-0}" =~ /^circuit-id-tag=(.+)/ ) {
                 <do something>

The startup fails with the following error:

<file>[38]: Invalid regular expression:
<file>[38]: ^circuit-id-tag=(.+)
<file>[38]:                     ^

Apparently, the failure comes from the computation of the size of the 
pattern. regex_compile() tries to find a NULL value in the 23 characters 
of the regexp, when obviously the length of the pattern is only 20.

Am I missing something in the syntax of the virtual server configuration ?

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