Weird issue - threads bottleneck in post-proxy section

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Mar 6 15:49:57 CET 2015

On Mar 6, 2015, at 9:01 AM, RESTOUX, Loïc <loic.restoux at> wrote:
> I confirmed, it's working now.

  That’s good.

> To summarize, all the literal strings loaded from the configuration of the virtual server have bad length (same thing for the regexp, see my other thread in the list). The stored lengths in "value pair" (?) always exceed the real length from 2 or 3 characters…

  That shouldn’t happen.  What OS / version are you using?  Maybe we can reproduce it here.

> I have no idea why, and I give up for the moment. I tried to fight against the parser, but I lost. :)

  The data goes through a *lot* of layers before it’s interpreted at run-time.  So that’s hard to track.

  Alan DeKok.

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