problem proxy freeradius and windows 2008R2 NPS

Sylvain_T slybreiz at
Mon Nov 16 12:33:43 CET 2015


I use a Freeradius server to authenticate, the user of a captive portal on
pfsense. with 3 types of authentication

  the 2 first run. but the 3rd is an active directory under Windows 2008R2
directorie with NPS does not.

I have the following error message:

  Auth: Incorrect Login (Home Server says so): [crid / ****] (from Client Port cli 3 00: 50: 56: 8: 41: 7f) --- !!!

here is my configuration of my NPS

Radius client: IP freeradius

network strategy:
utilisater group: domain \ wifi
ipv4 address of the client: IP freeradius
NAS port type: Ethernet

it works in a certain establishment and other non-identical in

I do not see or care about the

thanks for your help .

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