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> Dear List,
> I hope you are all doing fine.


> I know that the following question might be
> 'out of scope' of the user's list but still,

It's not, but it's been answered before, so I suggest you read through the archives.

> I would like to ask some
> user's experience. I successfully implemented '802.1x or MAC-Auth' as
> described on the how-to: the 802.1x is PEAP based (server's certificate
> deployed on all client) with Computer authentication (instead of user
> authentication) + Mac verification (in a specific table in radius db), and
> for all non-capable 802.1x end-points (such as pointers) just a mac
> verification. However, I m still confused about the following issues:
> - since the above are just only deployed in my testing environment, and I
> m supposed to deploy the same for 1k users, how much memory
> (RAM,HD,Processor) should I allocate to radius server!

42PB of Ram, Disk space, and Processors.

> The DB is also on
> the same server as Freeradius.
> - what kind of extra-layer could I add to the authentication layer (PC
> authentication PEAP + MSCHAP v2, against AD 2008, + MAC Verification) to
> make it even 'more secure'?



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