LDAP + SASL Freeradius 3.0.11

Matthew Beckler mbeckler at overturecenter.org
Fri May 6 02:42:27 CEST 2016

Date: Thu, 5 May 2016 21:20:37 +0000
From: "Danner, Mearl" <jmdanner at samford.edu>
To: FreeRadius users mailing list
        <freeradius-users at lists.freeradius.org>
Subject: RE: LDAP + SASL Freeradius 3.0.11

> You'll probably need the FQDN of the user. I.E. cn=ldaplookup, ..........
Sorry I forgot to mention I did try it with the FQDN same error. Also I could not get the FQDN to work with ldapsearch I wonder if I need to use a different option to use fqdn with LDAPsearch.

> Also, with most AD implementations the Users container is CN= rather than OU=
In this case the person who setup AD moved all the users from the default users container to an OU called users.


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