request log line items

Betibeteka Beranduetxea artxitatel at
Thu May 12 12:41:06 CEST 2016

Hi, first post here,

We are using FreeRADIUS Version 2.1.12 and PEAP auth for wifi clients
since a quite long time. It has ben satisfactory, but now we are
trying to log requests and I fear I'm possibly wrong.

Could you explain what the lines in the log means? i.e, I'm getting
lines like this one:

Thu May 12 11:56:39 2016 : Auth: Login OK: [] (from client
xxxx08 port 0 cli C0-38-96-26-37-B3)

Which obviously means that user has sucessful logon and comes from NAS xxxx08.

I guess the "port" part means the port at NAS, but this is less clear
for me, since we use freeradius exclusively for wifi access and I'm
getting some log lines with other ports.

But the main problem for me is the "cli" part, I guessed this would be
some MAC address, may be the user's device one, may be NAS one, maybe
some NATing router's one, but none of these possibilities are yet

After logging from my own laptop, that logged "MAC addres" is not my
laptop's one, nor NAS or router one so I'm now quite puzzled

Any pointers to documentation would be greatly appreciated, I have
been unable to get good results from any google search including
mailing list, so I fear I'm not getting it right at all.


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