Deleting attributtes for Access-Accept

Juanjo Abenza juanjo at
Mon May 23 17:42:57 CEST 2016


In my radius server (Ver. 2.2.0), i would like to delete one attributte
from the access-accept if a condition is met.

The condition would be: If the access-accept packet contains a
"Framed-IP-Address" and a "l" attributte, DELETE the "Framed-IP-Address".

I was trying to write into "Authorize" section the following statement:

 if (&Framed-IP_Address !* ANY) && (&Framed-Pool !* ANY) {
        update reply {
                Framed-IP-Address -= *

But doesn´t seems to work

If its neccesary i will replicate the configuration on another server for
can put here the radius -X output..

Can someone help me with this code lines?

Best regards, Juanjo.

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