Adding additional password encryption options

Laurens Vets laurens at
Wed May 25 18:39:08 CEST 2016

Hello list,

Is it possible to add additional password encryption options to 
FreeRADIUS so that the user database can be used as a user/password 
store (For instance PBKDF2 or scrypt)?

When I look at "man rlm_pap", the amount of encryption options for 
passwords are limited when FreeRADIUS is your only user database. I'm 
creating a POC where users can register for an account to use certain 
services (accessible via radius authentication) and I'm trying to only 
use the FreeRADIUS mysql database as a backend to keep it simple, but 
the password encryption methods aren't considered secure by today's 

Short of maintaining 2 databases with user information, how are people 
on the list handling these cases or is my use case a bit out of the 

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