TLSMC: MozNSS compatibility interception begins message

Chris Howley C.P.Howley at
Mon Jun 4 10:04:03 CEST 2018


I rebuilt the FreeRDAIUS 3.0.15 packages, but I'm still seeing the same message in /var/log/messages file. The build host is running
CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core). Do I need to use a different FreeRADIUS SPEC file?

Any help in fixing this problem would be appreciated.

Thanks, Chris Howley

Jun  4 08:46:23 XXXXXX radiusd: tlsmc_convert: INFO: cannot open the NSS DB, expecting PEM configuration is present.
Jun  4 08:46:23 XXXXXX radiusd: tlsmc_intercept_initialization: INFO: successfully intercepted TLS initialization. Continuing with OpenSSL only.
Jun  4 08:46:23 XXXXXX radiusd: TLSMC: MozNSS compatibility interception ends.
Jun  4 08:46:23 XXXXXX systemd: Started FreeRADIUS high performance RADIUS server..

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